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Lumix: Compatible Flash Tubes by Phoxene

Lumix by Phoxene: Compatible flash tube, dome, condensator, modeling lamp, … for studio flash gears and generators

Lumix Brands: Broncolor, Profoto, Bowens, Elinchrom, Balcar, Multiblitz, …

Since 1988, Phoxene has been designing and marketing flash tubes, domes, condensators, reflectors, … compatible with the leading brands: Broncolor, Profoto, Briese, Bowens … . Phoxene offers a wide range of items, named Lumix, for your studio flashes. Whether it’s your Broncolor Pulso heads, your Profoto ProHeads heads, or even your old Bowens or Multiblitz heads models, you’ll certainly find a Lumix item for your flash gear.

And if your head is not referenced in our site, contact us; we will certainly find a compatible product.

Phoxene is a team of experts dedicated to xenon strobe and photo flash tubes. Whether you seek for technical or commercial information on our current product offer or you want to address new needs, our team will be keen to help you.

Our full catalog, including the price of our Lumix items and their availability, is displayed on our website.

Lumix items for Broncolor

Phoxene has developed a broad range of Lumix items covering most of the Broncolor heads, the Swiss firm being since 1953 a major player in the business of high-end studio photographic flashes. Lumix items are compatible with almost all flash sets from the BC1, released in 1953, to the last Scoro packs, including Pulso packs, Grafit packs, Verso packs, or the famous Universal blue metal heads.

Bron also left its mark on the business by introducing the first monolight heads, in 1968 and Phoxene compatible items are also available for C171, Impact heads, Minipuls and Minicom series, or Visatec heads. From the most famous tube for Pulso G head to the more confidential for Sunlite kits, Phoxene can provide a full solution for maintenance of this brand.

Broncolor Catalog

Lumix items for Profoto

Amongst all premium brands of studio flash sets, Sweden Profoto built a reputation of highly technical gear able to trigger high energy flashes in a very limited time. Phoxene developped a range of Lumix items able to match the specific features of this brand.

From old Pro3 heads to recent Pro10, Phoxene offers a comprehensive range of items for maintenance of Profoto sets. Our range of Lumix items even includes flash tubes for technical heads such as MultiSpot, FresnelSpot, RingFlash (1st and 2nd generation) and even ZoomSpot heads.

Of course, Phoxene also designed items for Profoto compact heads such as Profoto Compact 600, B1 or D1 heads.

Photographers can also order domes for Profoto heads from Phoxene, be it clear of color-corrected ones, frosted or not ; By the way, we increased the height of our domes, to ease inserting and removing them from the head ; The distance between the top of the dome and the modeling lamp / flash tube is increased, to reduce the heating (and thus darkening) of the dome.

Since 2016, Phoxene also offers reflectors, HMI lamps, and even metal protection cap for most of Profoto heads.

Profofo Catalog

Lumix items for Bowens

Phoxene has developed a broad range of Lumix items covering most of Bowens flash sets from the oldest Monolite / Prolite / Quadmatic heads, to the most recent Gemini / Esprit heads.

Even if Phoxene essentially sells flash tubes for Gemini 200Rx, 400Rx, 500Rx, GM500Pro, GM750Pro, GM1000Pro, GM1500Pro, Creo… we can also supply you with flash tubes for older generations (Prolite, Traveler, Monolite, Quadmatic…).

Bowens Catalog


The range of products Lumix offers are developed and designed by our own team then manufactured by carefully chosen companies. Willing to guarantee the best user experience, Phoxene offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the items which would not fulfill your requirements.

Terms of the refund offer:

  • – This offer is set to allow you to test our Lumix items. Hence, refund is limited to the first item you buy per reference.
  • – The item must be functional (not broken) and with no traces of use.
  • – The refund request must be sent by mail at before sending back the item. Your request must reach us within 30 days upon invoice date.
  • – Shipping costs are at the customer’s charge.
  • – Item must be sent in its original individual package, with relevant care to avoid any risk of break.
  • – Phoxene doesn’t support or refund any customs fees, be it for fees paid when importing the item, or for fees paid when shipping it back.

For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.